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Effectively explain a new policy or change that will be implemented at your facility with a
Explain how the policy is in the best interest for the individual, they are less likely to follow
your direction. Use the sandwich method to start and end the message on a positive note or with a potential motivator.

The scope of the policy

  1. Scope: The scope of the policy defines the range or extent of its application. It explains the various areas, activities, or situations to which the policy applies. This may include specific departments or units within an organization, geographic locations, particular processes, or target groups. The scope ensures that the policy’s provisions are clearly defined and not ambiguous.

Example: The scope of an environmental sustainability policy might cover all operations and activities of a company, including manufacturing, supply chain, and office facilities.

  1. Application: The application of the policy outlines who or what is subject to its rules and requirements. It identifies the individuals, employees, contractors, or external parties who must comply with the policy. It may also specify the types of equipment, technologies, or resources that fall under the policy’s regulations.

Example: An anti-discrimination policy applies to all employees of a company, regardless of their position, and to external stakeholders such as customers or vendors interacting with the organization.

  1. Exclusions (if applicable): In some cases, policies may have exclusions, meaning certain situations, groups, or activities are not covered by the policy. These exclusions are stated clearly to prevent misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Example: A remote work policy might have exclusions for employees who work in roles that require on-site presence or specific job functions that cannot be performed remotely.

  1. Specific Scenarios: The Policy Scope and Application section can also address specific scenarios or exceptional circumstances where the policy may have variations or different implications. This ensures that stakeholders understand how the policy applies in different contexts.


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