Please be sure todirectly answer eachcomponent of the following prompt. The reflection essay is based off the Chapter 2 readings.

For this week’s reflection essay, imagine you are writing a letter to a close friend of yours about this week’s readings. However, you also know that your friend, while dear to your heart and a great person, has the attention span of a fruit fly. You thus want to tell them in this essay as concise and clear as possible:

1) What are the 3-4 major take-a-ways of the chapter reading?

2) Elaborate on what the 3-4 major points of this reading are to your friend (i.e. if a “take-a-way” is climate change, explain climate change)

3) Summarize what you just said in your reflection essay so that your friend that has the attention span of a fruit fly has no confusion about what they should take away from the letter you just wrote them.