Write 2 pages on the following article: YouTube in a Quest to Suggest More, So Users Search Less by Miguel Helft in which I will link: answering the following

1. To what extent does the article demonstrate any of the elements of journalism that we have discussed? That is to say, how is it an example of how journalism should serve the public, accordingto Kovach and Rosenstiel? Which of the models of journalism does the article appear to be an example of?

2. To what extent does the writer seem to be fair? Are there any examples of unfairness in the authors approach to the subject matter or in his or her use of language?

3. Analyze the structure and style of the article. How effective are the title and lead of the article?
What promise does the lead make? To what extent does the rest of the article deliver on that

4. How would you rate the authors use of quotes and attribution? Are the quotes useful? Do the
individuals quoted seem appropriate sources for the subject of the article? Why or why not?

then write another 2 pages on

Your grandmother hears that you are taking a course on journalism, and immediately begins
complaining about fake news. How can you explain to her what the traditional ethical obligations
are? How can you inform her of some of the challenges of being a journalist in the digital age? Be
sure to utilize terms and concepts from our readings, especially the essays that have offered
critiques and analyses of contemporary journalistic practices

Your uncle chimes into the conversation as well. His complaint is that front-page articles in the local
paper seem so short? What can you tell him to explain some of the ways in which journalistic
writing differs from other writing forms, such as essays? Be sure to reference specific concepts and
terms from our readings that pertain to the questions.