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Empirical Clinical Dissertation
Paper details:
I need several things done to the document titled Final Drft M.Rios dissertation (1).
1. May you please add 2-3 recent articles for the sections provided below Page limits are provided with each title section.

1 page for the section titled “Intercollegiate Athletics.”
0.5 page for the section titled Behaviors by the student body ;
1 page for the section titled Cisgender women student-athletes ;
0.5 page for the section titled Microaggressions.
3 pages for the results section.
4 pages for the discussion section.

Please reference Appendix D: Outline for Remaining Chapters pages 52-55 in the Clinical Dissertation Guidelines document. For the structure of the research and discussion section. Also provided on a word document titled ch 4-5 guidelines in case the appendix D could not be found.

Lastly, Please reference the document title dissertation data word dco to write the results section.