End of the year letter
Paper details:
At the end of the calendar year, diplomats often send a round-up letter to their Foreign Ministry to outline what some of the issues/goals/successes/failures of the year were. It is a good way to take the temperature of bilateral relations. Even more importantly, the letter will help alert officials in the diplomats home country to issues and concerns that may arise in the coming year.

Your task as the Ambassador of country Finland is to review your countrys relations with the United States and to analyze which issues have been the most important in representing your country in Washington in 2022. These can be, for example: political, economic, commercial, environmental, culture, defense/security related, immigration, technological etc. You may want to highlight a visit or other event or activities which promoted the image of your country to people in the U.S.

The review of 2022 should not take more than 1.5 pages with the rest of your letter focused on giving your supervisors at home your best professional sense of what 2023 will bring.

The heart of your letter will be to outline your thoughts about what 2023 is likely to bring. What concerns your country might have, what developments in the United States might have an impact on bilateral/regional/global issues. You will want to relate events unfolding in the US to your countrys interests. You are in the role of predicting but no one knows for sure what will happen. You may want to suggest certain actions or identify individuals you think will matter to the relationship you are charged with managing. Consider your letter as the roadmap to US-Country X (Finland) relations