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Chemical Agents Ø Chemical name: List your chemical’s name, and its CAS Number [CAS no.]                Ø Hazardous physical/chemical properties: Describe the basic properties and those that contribute to make your chemical hazardous to humans. Provide specific data from your sources, and explain in plain language. You must link together the provided data and your related comments about hazards. Ø Routes of entry: Describe the routes of entry of your chemical into the body (link each route to the expected ‘states’ of the chemical). Ø Effects on the body: Describe the effects on the human body. Ø Sources of exposure: What Industries and/or processes use this chemical? Ø Control Measures: Describe the measures required to safely control your chemical in the workplace, beginning with Pre-contact controls: {Engineering, Policy & Procedure, Administration & PPE} and concluding with Post-contact controls: {First Aid, Fire Fighting & Accidental Release measures}. Remember, you must use these subheaders. Ø SDS (SDS) Attach a copy of one (1) complete SDS along with your Assignment (else 1-mark deduction). In your SDS, your chemical must have at least 80% concentration. Ø Bibliography: – Must cite at least 5 sources from the Internet, including ONLY 1 SDS – Do not use other sources (textbooks, notes, magazines). – Must use MLA or APA style for internet citation The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to use the internet to research a specific chemical, and to write a summary report. This rapid search & report ability will have wide application during your career in HR/business. You may therefore copy from your internet sources without citation or footnoting in the body of the paper, but you must edit for format consistency, clarity and to avoid duplication of content. Do not use a cover page. The assignment will be graded on a scale of 0 – 10 marks based on overall work quality, format, effort, and thoroughness of control measures in the workplace.