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This assignment is a midterm. The exact instructions of the assignment are unknown until I open the assignment, once I open the assignment there is a 2 hour time limit. The essay is based on a speech and that speech is attached. These are the instructions provided beforehand. 

  • You will receive the assignment prompt when you begin the exam. Read it carefully! Ensure that your thesis responds directly to the essential question and that you follow all instructions.
  • This midterm essay is open-note, open book. 
  • You must write a well-developed academic essay with at least two body paragraphs to satisfy this requirement. This is not a short quiz nor a discussion post.
  • I recommend you use all of the time allotted. Even if you “finish” early, you should spend your time revising (use a checklist!) and further developing your ideas. 
  • You must complete this exam in one sitting. There are no “re-takes.” Set aside enough time. Use it all wisely. 
  • I highly recommend typing up a draft of your essay in Google Docs and pasting it into Canvas when you are finished.
    • This allows you to save your work and will prevent accidents, such as accidental submission or deletion of the entire paper, which happen frequently, and are beyond my control. 
  • However, you must keep an eye on your timer and leave enough time to paste your work.
    • The browser will auto-submit the exam after 120 minutes whether you have input your work or not.