For this component, calculate two (2) profitability ratios, two (2) liquidity ratios, the debt-to-equity ratio, and the earnings per share (EPS) ratio for your company based on the current year over the previous two years (ie: the current year ratio vs the prior year vs the prior year 3 ratios in total).
Comment on the apparent trending of each ratio and compare your companys most current year ratio to its industry average and a leading industry competitor.
Use tables/graphs to illustrate your companys financial results and ratios results.
Ensure all numerical/financial data is cited and referenced properly; and any tables, graphs, and illustrations follow APA formatting.
Remember to use proper grammar (Grammarly is a good free resource for editing) and APA formatting. Utilize the Sample APA Outline provided to you earlier in the class. Your writings should be void of first-person (do not use the word I or my in your writings). Post any questions that you may have to the Ask the Instructor DB forum, as your fellow classmates may have the same concerns/questions.
A minimum of 3 resources is required.