• Seven to nine pages
  • Seven to nine approved secondary sources
  • A variety of sources — no more than two of the same type (newspapers, magazines, books, scholarly journals, approved internet articles)
  • Use use each source up to three times but no more than three
  • Use at least one peer-reviewed journal.
  • Document a social problem, explore its causes, decide on the primary cause, and propose and defend a solution.

    STEP ONE: Find a topic. Pick a problem which is multi-causal and can be fixed (or at least made better)

    STEP TWO: Explore the topic. Research the problem to find possible causes. Keep your mind open & go wide at this stage.

    STEP THREE: Submit an annotated bibliography. This should document the sources you have consulted, but each source does not have to be used in your essay. You may also use other sources in your essay if you find them after you submit your annotated bibliography. 

    STEP FOUR: Write the essay. Even though your format may vary somewhat from this template, the paper should have the following components: