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Now that weve covered food production, toxicology, etc I would like you to write a paper on an environmental issue that has an impact on human health, either directly or indirectly.

This essay should be about 750 words ( about 3 pages double-spaced).
First, you need to provide a summary of the environmental issue and the environmental damages associated. What activity or activities are leading to the damage? How extensive are the damages?

Is anything being done to mitigate them?
Next, you need to outline how the environmental issue connects to a related human health concern. What exactly is resulting from the environmental activity?

How is it impacting people and their health?

What are the expected or potential ramifications on short term and/or long term human health for those affected?
Finally, is anything being done to prevent these negative human health impacts? If so, do you believe these solutions are sufficient?

If not, do you have any suggestions for preventing or at least partially remedying these negative human health outcomes?
This essay needs to have in-text citations along with a references section (minimum 3 references, which can include the textbook)