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Environmental Management

“Species preferably mountain lion, but if you do the optional climate change then you choice is fine.”For the species you selected for Assignment 2, write a 4-5 page case study on diseases that affect it. If you cannot find diseases that affect your specific chosen species, email me to discuss

another disease you would like to research. If you research another disease, it cannot be the same as you used in Discussion # 3. A minimum of 5 scholarly articles are required for this assignment. If you are having trouble, the Journal of Wildlife Diseases is the leading peer-reviewed journal in

wildlife disease issues. It is published by the Wildlife Disease Association. Try doing a search on Google scholar using this journal, or go to their website and look up the contents pages on the journal issues (I think you can do that!). Wildlife Disease Association. Finally, if you do the research

and do not find good information on diseases (or, if you are more interested in this topic), I would accept an investigation into the effects of climate change on your species of choice. The same requirements apply, but the topic shifts to a different stressor.