Group Project 2, Submission 2

BUSI3119 Fall 2021

Please use the attched document and the Sani-Sol website to answer the question. 

1. List and explain the industry environmental trends of three product lines of Sani-Sol (e.g. cleaning products, paper products, cleaning machines)? What is likely to happen with these trends in the future? 

Assignment Format

  • Use single spaced paragraphs and point form. 11-point font Times New Roman.
  • References should be placed on a separate page and do not count in the page count. References APA citation style.
  • Use subheadings where appropriate one space before a subheading and no space to follow


Your assignment will be graded based on:

  • Following the assignment directions
  • Providing a cohesive submission
  • Making the paper flow and accessible/interesting to the reader
  • Correct grammar
  • The rubric will also include (but not be limited to) depth of research, depth of analysis, creativity, relevance to the assignment content and relevance to class content