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Epigenetics Documentary “The Shttps://nhcc.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/le/content/5452460/viewContent/49559351/Viewcience of Human Empowerment”

This assignment will continue looking into ‘Epigenetics.’  For this assignment, you will watch the Epigenetics Documentary “The Science of Human Empowerment” found at the link below.

Your assignment is to list 10 facts and write a ‘reflection summary.’  Please check your syllabus as to what this type of documentary assignment entails, as it is elaborated on in your syllabus.  This assignment is worth 10 points.

I would like you to watch a video discussing ‘Epigenetics’ to go along with the reading you did in the previous assignment.  I’m a ‘visual learner’ and I think these types of assignments can help to understand the information presented.  There are SO many videos/documentaries to choose from on the topic of “Epigenetics.”  Some, in my opinion, are very confusing and hard to understand.  Possibly, those of you who have a strong background in Biology may understand them better.  I chose this video for the assignment because I think it’s easier for more of us to understand.  

The presenter’s name is Dr. Bruce Lipton and he is a leader in this field (some agree with him and some are somewhat skeptical). 

I’m interested to find out what you think of this video!