Epistemology/Metaphysics Philosophical Essay
Paper details:
~Use one or more theories from epistemology and/or metaphysics to discuss how you know you are not or are not a simulation, matrix, or hologram.
-Pick one (simulation, matrix, or hologram) and briefly describe the theory indicating we are in one and name one or more supporters of the theory.
-Define and describe the theories you will use (skepticism, empiricism, dualism, constructivism, etc) to address the claims.
-Use the theory to refute the claims or explain how we can never be sure.

Your paper will be written at a college level with an introduction (one that indicates what would be covered and in what order), body paragraphs, a conclusion, along with in-text citations/Works Cited page in MLA or APA formatting. Remember – any resource that is listed on the Works Cited page must have an in-text citation in the paper to match or this is considered plagiarism. [Note, depending on your degree area, you may be more familiar with APA. You can use either one, just be consistent.]