ESF13 Public Safety and Security-Homeland Security exam

ESF13 Public Safety and Security. The student should research about Homeland Security exam and write answers accordingly.

ESF13 Public Safety and Security-Homeland Security exam

After reading Chapters 2 and 3 of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide, write an ESF13 “Public Safety & Security” coordination annex on how Bobsville will coordinate with Federal Agencies in the case of a large scale disaster.

Here are some supplemental materials on the Emergency Support Functions.

FEMA – ESF and Support Annexes Overview

FEMA – ESF Support Function Annexes Introduction

Write a minimum of 2 pages on the function and its contents. You may reference CPG101 Appendix C and other agencies documents as reference but you must write your Annex for Bobsville specifically. You will use this document in future classes and execute this plan so help yourself by being thorough.

Please create your response in a Microsoft word document, and upload as an attachment for submission. Pages are to be double-spaced utilizing Verdana 12 point font text. The page requirements are exclusive of your reference list and cover page.

More information about the topic. That is,

Law Enforcement will utilize their normal communications networks during disasters. The Emergency Management Coordinator, in coordination with law enforcement and Fire-EMS departments, should delineate areas that may need to evacuate it. Then,

Law Enforcement will set up control points and roadblocks to expedite traffic to reception centers or shelters and prevent reentry of evacuated areas. They will also provide traffic control and security at damaged public property, shelter facilities and donations/ distribution centers.

Should an evacuation become necessary, warning and evacuation instructions will be put out via radio, Reverse 911, and television. Also law enforcement and the Fire-EMS departments will use mobile loudspeakers to ensure that all residents in the threatened areas have received the evacuation warning.

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