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The only source needed is the file attached below.

Keep in mind that you should do the following in your summary:

  • Identify the author, title, and year of publication
  • Situate the topic in the historical context, based on what you know from the textbook and other sources in this class. Explain in what ways this article connects to ideas about liberty and freedom in American history.
  • Identify and summarize the author’s thesis in YOUR OWN WORDS  
  • State and explain the author’s supporting ideas
  • Identify the sources the author used to support their argument
  • Explain the underlying meaning or goal of the article, not simply the superficial details. 

Your summary should be approximately 500 words in length. This is approximately two double-spaced pages in length. Review the How to Engage with Text(s) page and note what it says about appreciating texts: this is exactly what you are practicing in this assignment. Because you are to explain the author’s ideas in your own words, you should refrain from quoting the text directly. Note: a summary is NOT a critique. 

Put all text in a standard 12pt font (and put all footnote text in 10pt). Double-space all text (except for footnote text). Use margins of one inch on each side of each page. Indent the first line of each paragraph. Format your paper in accordance with the standards of the Chicago Manual of Style.