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Your essay will be 1,000+ words; answer with a thesis-driven well-developed essay. Clearly label which essay you are responding to.  You may briefly use personal.    experience and/or first person in these        essays as long as it is supportive and relevant and not the sole    focus of your essay. This is not               personal narrative, rather argument backed by research.

 ESSAY QUESTION: Kathy Iandoli writes about women in hip hop. She argues that….”Its a problem thats persisted since women first picked up the microphone, navigating through a culture thats oftentimes regarded as a young mans game.” In her 2019 piece, she asks “” How are women treated and looked at in the The Defiant Ones? Think about this in relation Carbi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 video “.” Do you agree or disagree with Iandoli? Explain your position using our course work and outside resources as needed.