4-5 pages, times new roman, 12 point font, double spaced
5 citations (film counts as 1, book can count as 1), APA format
identify 2-3 themes, theories, concepts that we have covered thus far in the course, and explore those within the context of the film.  (IE:  after watching the film I decided to explore the issues of intersex kids.  So together with my partner, we would discuss 1) the impact of gender identity on children, 2) the impact of choosing the “wrong” gender for an intersex child, 3) the impact of waiting for the child to choose gender and decide if they want surgery, 4) the social/communicative impact of classmates/friends/etc on an intersex child.)  So my paper would cover all these potential elements, working off the original information provided in the documentary and supplemented by our research.  By the end of the paper, we would reach a recommendation about treatment for intersex kids, to cover in our conclusion.