Topic -PLease follow outline attached ! No sources needed 

  In your introduction, use an attention device and state your thesis or main point to be supported by your examples. The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement. Make sure you have at least three sentences in your introduction. Your thesis will following a formula: State your topic. State an opinion about the topic. Include your three points.

Thesis: Baking is a fun hobby which shows the baker’s planning, precision, and creativity.


3.   Use a topic sentence to start each body paragraph and give several examples in each body paragraph. You must have three body paragraphs. Be sure your topic sentences and your examples support your thesis statement.

Topic sentence 1: A baker must plan well in the baking process.

Topic sentence 2 with transition: In addition, a baker must be precise.

Topic sentence 3 with transition: Finally, a baking showcases a baker’s creativity.


4.   In your conclusion, you should restate the concept of your thesis and use another attention device. Avoid including new information in your conclusion. Make sure you have at least three sentences.

 This essay should be 500-600 words in length. Be sure to double-space, indent paragraphs, and provide an MLA format heading. Check the course schedule for due dates. All examples should be ones you think of yourself. You will not consult any outside sources to write this paper. Do not use “you” or “I” in your paper. Watch for grammatical errors.

You will find additional examples of a thesis statement, topic sentences, and examples in the Example Essay notes, Example Essay outline, and in the sample Example Essay.


Reminders for the Example Essay:

1. You should use third person when writing the Example Essay. We have moved away from the narrative, so you should not use first person in your essay “I/We/Our/My/Me.” Remember also never to use second person “you/your” in any of your college writing, regardless of the class.

2. Please be sure to look at the comments that I will leave on your outline and make those revisions in your paper. You do not have to submit a new outline with your paper. Do not submit a paper before you submit an outline. Do not submit a paper before you have read the comments I will make on your outline.

3. Please proofread carefully for grammatical errors, especially comma splices, fra