This is a short answer assignment that asks students to applytheir learning from the first half of the course.  The answers to each of the scenario questionsshould be between 1 to 2 pages.   The entirepaper should be no more than 4 pages not counting the cover or reference pagesthat are required.   Do not include the scenariosor questions in your answers, but do number your answers to correspond with thequestions.    The paper does NOT need anintroduction or conclusion.   Theassignment should be 12 point-font, Times New Roman.   Answers should be supported by at least 3 scholarly references (overall) fromthe required or recommended readings.      


1.   Address allelements of each question.

2.   Display anunderstanding of the course materials.

3.   Appropriatelyintegrate the course materials in your answer.     

4.   Display criticalthinking in analyzing the scenarios and using the course materials.

5.   Meets graduateschool-level writing standards.     

There are two case studies that need to be answered. I added some feedback either from the professor or items I found through research from the reading material.