Evaluate how sustainability strategies support an organization’s competitive advantage.

Student Success Criteria
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You are a sustainability consultant hired by a U.S. based company to train the leadership team on how sustainable practices can lead to a competitive advantage. During your initial meeting, you assess the current state of the organization and are asked by the CEO to send him a report of your recommendations for the future state strategies that could not only lead to a competitive advantage but also positive social change.

Write a Corporate Memo in Microsoft Word (minimum three pages) to the CEO that describes your recommendations on strategies that would lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.
Address the following to support your sustainable strategy for the organization:
How are these strategies difficult to duplicate by the organizations competitors?
How can operating costs be reduced by implementing these sustainable practices?
How would these strategies have a positive impact on the organizations community and the environment?
How can technology and innovation lead to a sustainable competitive advantage?
Provide attribution for credible sources used in the professional memo