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OL are reviewing their diversity and inclusion policies. Your partner has been asked  to lead on this and has asked you to help. He would like you to write a report in which  you:

(a) Evaluate the firm’s diversity and inclusion statement reproduced in full below,  sharing in that evaluation what you think is good about the statement and why  and pointing out any improvements to the statement that you feel would add  value to it.

“At Odburn and Lake LLP we value diversity in our team for the unique  perspectives and bright ideas a diverse team generates. We embrace  employees from underrepresented groups and recruit regardless of race,  colour, gender identity and expression, religion, national origin, ancestry,  citizenship, physical abilities, body size, age, sexual orientation, veteran status,  or criminal history.”

(12 marks)

(b) present an informed and balanced view on whether allowing staff to work from  home for part of the week is inclusive. In your answer, please explain what you  mean by inclusivity.