Case Questions

Your analysis essay should address the questions below.

  1. What do you think a companysparticularly a tech or videoconferencing companysresponsibility toward protecting user data and security is?
  2. How do you think Zoom handled the fallout when its shortcomings in security and data protection became obvious?
  3. With competing platforms ready to step in as users and organizations defect from Zoom, do you think the company can regain trust and earn back some of its lost customers? What strategies does Zoom need to employ in order to achieve this?
  4. Although not mentioned in the above case, a current topic related to ZOOM is the incidence of ZOOM fatigue. How do you believe ZOOM can alleviate this situation, resulting in an improved user experience?


Assignment Submission Details

This midterm assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm CST.

  1. Address the questions listed above fully in a clear, concise narrative.
  2. Organize your document in a logical manner.
    • Use headings and sub-headings as needed.
    • Construct a narrative; think about what should come first, second, next…
    • Intentionally transition from one topic to the next.
  3. Give credit to your sources.
    • Use APA citations in the narrative to document the source of specific data/information
    • Provide a reference list of all information sources used
Attached are the guidelines for a business case analysis. Please review before submission.