Students are to create and upload an 10 slide minimum PowerPoint presentation (ppt).

As the point of contact for funerary celebrations of life or remembrance events, you are in charge of orchestrating all required logistics for the family’s vision to become their reality.  

As you, the funeral director, finalize arrangements with a family, the ppt assignment is another platform to showcase options for a loved one’s banqueted celebration of life/remembrance event. By offering different elements within a visual presentation, families can receive a mental image on how the event will unfold.

{Similar to a casket book or a book of flowers illustrating options for purchase, we will move forward with the technical times of our lives by moving away from the worn out option books and place tablets into the hands of our families.}

Following the family’s requested theme for the event, each slide would offer different optional pictures (locations, room set up, table set up, flower choices, linen color choices, options for table centerpieces, menu options, etc), while you, the point of contact, refer to and discuss each slide. 

Just as an interior decorator shows the client how the new kitchen will look before the demolition of the old kitchen (here are two options of faucets to match your farmhouse kitchen sink), the visualization of a ppt not only adds depth and aids with decision making, it also confirms their request.

For example, because dad loved to fish with his buddies, the family is requesting a fishing theme for dad’s celebration of life event. The ppt would offer location options such as the funeral home, an outdoor pavilion by his favorite fishing lake, a restaurant by his favorite fishing lake, or a picture of the event space at dad’s place of worship …

Continuing with the fishing theme, you could also showcase a variety of other elements: menu options, floral pieces, take away items, printed materials, etc. Plus, depending upon their requests, slides can either showcase an explosion or a hint of their theme.  

As the point of contact, you should always keep in mind how important it is to receive confirmation of requests before money is spent on non-refundable vendor/venue deposits, services and/or merchandise.

To design the 10 ppt slide minimum, students should be creative and research a theme: golf, beach, fishing, quilting, traveling, hunting, religious, favorite sports team, cats, butterflies, angels, race cars, …

Required: For each slide, students should document their dialogue. Students can either type their dialogue in the comment section or record their voice.

Be creative and have fun!!

To be of creative assistance,  students can read the attached article, " Choosing a Life-Centered Funeral".

If students experience technical difficulties with Moodle, students may have to upload their presentation in intervals of 2-4 slides at a time.

If students experience technical difficulties with their recordings or comment sections, students are permitted to upload a word document briefly discussing each slide.