For your Final Term Paper, you will be planning and designing your own event. There will be four (4) phases (or assignments) to planning your event – Concept, Design, Planning, and Budget – that will be pieces of your Final Term Paper. Each assignment will address a part of the pre-planning process of an event; ending with the Coordination phase of Putting It All Together. 

You have already submitted Assignment 1 – Concept and Assignment 2 – Design; now we are working on Assignment 3: Planning an Event – Planning

In the planning phase, the meeting planner is reviewing all the event logistics; providing a visual of the event activities. This includes rough layouts of the invitations, room diagrams, a marketing plan, and a timed agenda. This allows for the planner to make sure they have not missed something. 

For the purposes of this assignment, you are the meeting planner responsible for planning an event on behalf of your company or association. This one-time event will be the same event that you will use for the next four (4) assignments and for the final term paper. Below the assignment instructions will be a list of meeting options. Review the options and select one.   


Term Paper Assignment 3: Planning an Event – Planning Instructions:

  1. State your event name
  2. What type of set up (or room layout) will be used for your event. Please provide a rough layout of how the event will be set up.
  3. How will you invite your guests to this event? Please provide a rough design (make sure to include the essentials – what, when, where)
  4. Please describe your marketing strategy (or action plan on how you will advertise and market this event)
  5. Provide a timed agenda of the event (include the start time and the ending time along with all activities in-between)



Assignment Details

  • Please type in a Microsoft word document and upload your submission in Term Paper Assignment 3 – Planning an Event – Planning in Canvas. You may also copy and paste within the body of the assignment tab.
  • Please proofread your assignment before submitting for grammatical and spelling errors. Submissions should be designs and a table
  • If you decide to use references, please use APA format to cite your sources. However, please note that you are not required to use references for this assignment.
  • This assignment will be graded and is worth 100 points. Review the rubric for content that will be graded.