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The Use of Hackathons for Idea Generation at Facebook
Paper details:
—Supplement 2— RESEARCH PAPER
1. Outline. Submission of a research paper outline is MANDATORY.
2. Cover Page. Must have the subject of the research Paper, your name, course number, and
course name. Not included in the word count. This page helps me organize your submissions. File name should be LAST NAME(s) Research Paper Title Course Title Course # – Instructor date.
3. Abstract. Ensure you include a short (1/2 to 2/3 page) Abstract Page. An abstract is a concise summary of a larger project (a thesis, research report, etc.) that describes the content and scope ofthe project and identifies the project’s objective, its methodology, and its findings, conclusions, orintended results.
4. Table of Contents/Figures. A Table of Contents/Figures (a.k.a. TOC/TOF) is a listof titles of the parts of a document, organized according to the order in which the parts appear. Similarly, a TOF is a list of the figures and/or charts of a document organized according to the order in which they appear. MS Word provides instructions and guides on how to insert a TOC using styles or it can be done manually. However, when adding a TOC or TOF manually, be certain to check and recheck your pages to ensure they match the page number listed in the TOC with the actual page number of the document. For figures and charts, follow APA7 guidelines on placement, titles (naming conventions), and source.
5. Substance of the Assignment. Think critically. Word count does not include Title Page, Abstract, any Table of Contents, or references. Paper length is a minimum of words or pages.
6. Organization of the Paper. Paragraphs have to support each other, with proper transition paragraph, especially between sections. Ensure readability and clarity by having somebody elseread it AND be able to understand it.
7. Mechanics of Writing. Use Times New Roman font, 12-point, double-spaced with one inch margins. Be sure to run your Word document through , then check. Other tools include Turn-It-In and Grammarly; both will also provide a plagiarism check. Ensure your proofing language in MS-Word (or equivalent) is English (US). You are Graduate/College-level students and there is an expectation of Graduate/College-level writing. If you are having difficulty writing/citing properly, the Library has periodic workshops you can attend. Make the time for them.
8. Evidence of Research. To get full credit, you must provide the required minimum peer-reviewed academic references correctly cited in APA7 format. I recommend using CALMUs LIRN (Library and Information Resources Network) to locate books and magazine/e-zine articles that are guaranteed peer-reviewed. For additional information, please contact CALMUs Librarian Ms. Rupali Vora.