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 Find an appropriate article from the "popular media" (General news websites like CNN.com, Yahoo.com, Salon.com, Slate.com, bbc.com, etc. Newspapers or magazines like the New York Times or the New Yorker or the Atlantic, etc. Note these MUST be general news sites/magazines — NOT science-only). The article must be RECENT (within the last 6 months). The article must relate to a topic that either has been or will be covered in class — look at the syllabus to see what we are going to cover.

You must include a link to your chosen article in the document you submit.

Step 2: Write your essay. It should have four parts to it (organized into four paragraphs) according to the instructions below. It should be roughly 1 to 1.5 pages, single spaced, give or take.

1) a short summary of the article (IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not cut and paste; do not use direct quotes).

2) its relationship to topics covered in class (or will be covered)

3) a biological/evolutionary analysis of the article (how can you use your understanding of biology and biological evolution to evaluate and inform the article?) and

4) critical evaluation of potential bias in reporting (how do you know you can trust the article? how do you know it isn’t "fake news"?)


  1. Historical & Persistent Biases in the Study of Behavior

  • Primer on Evolutionary Principles

  • The Naturalistic Fallacy & Scala Naturae

  • How to Identify Bias in Research & Reporting

  • The Biological Basis of Sex Determination &Gender Diversity

  • Winners & Losers in Love & Reproduction:Fighting for & Choosing Mates

  • Sexual Conflict Social & Sexual Lifestyles

  • Parenting & Attachment: Moms vs.Dads

  • Play,Coalitions & Friendships