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Identify at least two problems that the early United States encountered as it functioned under the Articles of Confederation and the solutions that the authors of the Constitution agreed upon to address the problems that you identified.

Explain one main issue about which the authors came into conflict while writing the Constitution and how it was resolved.

Discuss one fact or concept from the article that you found interesting or surprising.




In this written assignment, you will examine the Constitutional basis of federalism. In so doing you will contrast the concept of federalism with the separation of powers and then investigate federalism by examining healthcare, and how it demonstrates the concept of federalism at both the national and state level. In your investigation, make sure to discuss potential points of tension and/or cooperation that can arise between states and the national government on healthcare.


You must be able to explain why both the federal and state governments have power to make law in relation to healthcare. You will have to find specific examples of how federalism impacts the way in which everyday Americans experience healthcare. You will need to use at least two separate scholarly articles for this assignment.


In your paper,


Explain federalism as it is used in the United States, its constitutional basis, and compare it to the separation of powers (one body paragraph)

Examine the legal basis for the federal government and state governments to make laws regarding your topic based upon the examples you chose (one body paragraph)

Examine the way in which federalism impacts the way in which Americans experience healthcare. Make sure to discuss tensions and/or instances of cooperation that may arise between the federal and state government on healthcare (One paragraph)

Clearly identify Constitutional articles, federal or state laws, court cases, government entities or other relevant factors in your paper.