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Case Study: Experiential Learning

After viewing the following video, prepare a 500-700 word essay in proper APA formatting (1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font) with your thoughts represented in the following three sections:

  1. Summary of the video.
  2. What concepts from this weeks readings tie into the video?
  3. Your thoughts on the application of experience in the learning process?

Complete this in a narrative format with college level organization, style, grammar, and content.

Experiential Learning (4:24)

This was our concept for the week: Discussion Question
In the book Earn college Credit for What you Know author L. Lamdin states, Much of the learning that adults have acquired is experiential, that is, it is learning created by the transformation of experience through the process of involvement, perception, and understanding that goes on as we work, play, marry, rear

children, pursue hobbies, and develop relations. Do you agree with Ms. Lamdin? Why or why not?

Write in complete sentences and include proper APA formatted citations as necessary.