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Explain how aspects of his identity evolve during the episode?

Based on the movie Espanglish (2004). Answer the following questions with both your responses and specific examples from the movie that you have chosen. Answer the following questions in paragraph form containing complete sentences. Length: 4-5 pages (not including the title page). Font: Times new Roman 12 font, Spacing: double space and Margins: 1″ margins. Double check your work prior to submitting into the assignment in D2L.  Identify two examples of cognitive complexity in the episode.

Discuss how the characters use or could have used cognitive complexity to gain a greater understanding of the situation they faced. Assess changes and evolutions of self-concept, reflected appraisal, and image management. Explain how aspects of his identity evolve during the episode? Use specific examples.3 Analyze how the characters in the episode follow (or do not follow) gender linguistic patterns? Use two examples from the show by comparing and contrasting their linguistic patterns.

Analyze the nonverbal behaviors used during one major scene in the show between at least two characters. Label each type of a nonverbal behavior, who uses that behavior, and how the other person nonverbally reacts. Give examples of rules that are broken within relationships in the show. Discuss the potential impact of breaking these relationships rules. Describe and explain power structure within this episode. How are these power structures communicated?