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Introducing Music and Dance

Introduction: Including dance and music in the curriculum

This assignment fulfills/supports

Module Outcome 1: Define musical intelligence. Describe four important reasons for including music in the classroom and Gardner’s message to teachers supporting music and movement. Explain how you can make accommodations for children with hearing,visual, and physical impairments and how to introduce movement and dance in the classroom.
Course Outcome 4: Examines the developmentally creative experiences for children that are culturally diverse.
General Education Competency: You will have to communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.
Your textbook and any other outside source you deem necessary to give a thorough and complete answer and to add to the conversation with your peers.

The Prompt
How will you introduce movement and dance in your preschool classroom? Discuss your ideas with your peers. In your response to peers help them develop their ideas on how they will introduce music and dance in their preschool classroom.
after question the question reply to two other ppl
first person First I would like to say that dancing for preschoolers or children in general because for one it helps them to develop there fine motor skills as well as coordination. In my preschool classroom we would incorpriate movement and dancing during our morning circle time so we can wake our bodies up and get them prepared for whatever type of activities we would have planned for the day. Another idea of how I would add movement into my classroom would be for brain breaks. As we have all went through school we know how tideous and boring sitting at a desk or table all day can be. Just listening to someone talk eventually could make you tired. By adding in random brain breaks to get our bodies moving, flowing, and just to awaken us would grab the children attention. As adults sometimes we awaken with a sore muscle because maybe we haven’t used it in awhile or simply we did something we don’t usually do. Well I believe the same goes for children. Movement builds there muscle memory, it also grabs their attention and allows for them to just be themselves.
second person I have learned that children love to dance and be silly. Their are some shy stragglers that tend to just stand and see what is on the phone or tablet. So the first thing that I do is make sure that the music being played is played on something that has no image to watch or is covered and turned away so they can not watch. They turn into zombies when they start focusing on looking at what they see. Second warm up I have body aches and do not need to hurt myself trying to play. So I would incorporate the warm up with the children as well everyone run in plac or move in place warming up our bodies. Then stretching out your muscles making sure not to hurt ourselves and counting to the beat of the music as you stretch. once our bodies are prepared we can dance. We can have singing exercises, operahs, and a small band class even that require a smaller group.