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8. Compensation principles. Explain how you intend to go about determining compensation.

. Benefits and indirect compensation. In this section, list the pay, benefits, and any indirect compensation you will offer to each type of employee identified in the table above. REMEMBER, if you offer employer paid benefits, they will need to be part of your annual payroll budget contained later in this plan.

Hiring and Retaining. Provide details as to the principles and practices you will use to find, select, orient, train/develop, and retain qualified employees.

Please include how you will incorporate diversity in the “finding” process. You should address each of these in at least a paragraph, preferably more.

Privacy rules. Describe any legislation to which your business must adhere, and explain how you maintain privacy for both customers and employees as well as the business. This includes company trade secrets, customer information, employee information, credit card numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, etc. How will you keep data in your computers safe?

. Safety rules. Describe any legislation (e.g., OSHA) to which your business must adhere, and/or explain how you intend to keep employees safe and provide a safe environment for them to work in. Do not use a generic “we will comply with all safety regulations.” IMPORTANT: This section should also include any PPE requirements needed for employees, customers, suppliers, etc. required because of pandemic.

. EEO, Sexual Harassment, and Bullying. State your policy and describe the principles used to avoid discrimination including any training. Include reporting procedures for employees who want to report violations. Explain how you intend to watch and monitor for disparate treatment and disparate impact.

. Performance Reviews. Describe the organizations principles for employee performance review and explain the process you will use for those reviews (what, when, who, how).

. Discipline. Explain how you will handle situations of poor performance or possible criminal activity.

. Telecommuting policy if employees are able to telecommute. What is the process to request telecommuting and what are the company’s telecommuting policies.

For USA-based business, explain how you intend to make reasonable accommodation for an employee in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA).

Develop an organization chart and show the number of employees which exists and the reporting relationships.

Develop an annual payroll budget presuming 12 months of salary for exempt employees, 52 weeks payroll at 40 hours for hourly employees (using 2080 hours in one work year). Use the current benefit/taxes the firm has to pay for the location (country/state/city). For the USA this includes FICA, Medicare, unemployment taxes. If you pay a monthly allotment for clothing/uniform, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. please include these as line item expenses.

Create a Gantt Chart identifying when you intend to hire each person during the first year of operation (or during the next 12 months for an existing company).