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Explain how your empirical article may be beneficial to an agency.

YOU MUST USE THIS ARTICLE AS THE SOURCE AND ONLY THIS ARTICLE:   Assessing child abuse_ We need to talk! (sciencedirectassets.com) To maintain objectivity and fairness, I will be grading your papers anonymously. Please be sure you dont provide any identifying information in your paper.   3 pages, double spaced; title page and references not included in page limit; no abstract needed 

Acceptable formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf. If you use google docs, save it as a .pdf and make sure the final paper you submit is formatted the way you want.  Include page numbers in the top right-hand corner  The entire document, including the header, should be Times New Roman, 12-point font  Use 1 margins (note: the default for word is 1.25. You must manually change this)  Must follow APA style format in terms of page setup (e.g., title page, appropriate bolding), references, and citations.  On the title, page, instead of your name, type Matty Matador.    If youre not sure how to format your paper in APA style, check out the resources on Canvas  If your assignment exceeds the page/word limit, I will stop reading the paper. Your grade on an assignment can suffer if you fail to follow these conventions. Part 1: Empirical Article Summary (not to exceed 2 pages). You may NOT use direct quotes from the article.  Your job is to summarize and paraphrase the main components of the study. That means no direct quotations.  Literature Review and research question/hypothesis- Describe key research that inspired this  study, the purpose of the study, and the research question or hypothesis.  If there are multiple research questions or hypotheses, focus on one question/hypothesis. It is better to clearly explain one hypothesis than to simply list several hypotheses;   Methodology – a very brief description of the setting, participants, and data collection procedure. If you focus on one hypothesis, only describe the measure that is relevant to that particular question;   Results – Answer the research question/hypothesis; describe only the relevant findings; (no statistics required);   Discussion – What does this all mean? Whats the overall quick main point your audience should know after reading your paper? This is the most important subsection.  Part 2: Theory-to-Practice Connections   Information about this particular agency and the relevance of your article. These sections include:  Agency name, brief summary of mission statement/ goals, populations they serve, and/or who works at this agency. Avoid copying and pasting from a website. 

Details regarding how they assist youth and families (give an example).  Theory-to-practice Connection:

Explain how your empirical article may be beneficial to an agency.

Be very specific. What decisions or program changes might an agency implement after discovering research findings like this one? Are these connections practical, realistic, and in line with the goals and mission of the agency? This is the most important subsection.