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We can apply literature and evidence-based data findings in order to evoke higher-order analytic thinking and creative processes. Application of such research helps us support reasonable decision-making.
For this PowerPoint presentation, you will be using critical thinking to elaborate on why ongoing research contributions are necessary to the field of forensic psychology.
Begin by selecting and researching one of the current topics listed below.
Eyewitness investigations
Pretrial identification methods
Types of profiling
Police interviews and interrogation
False confessions
Then, imagine you have been asked to present your findings about this topic to an audience of local law enforcement representatives and court staff. In your presentations, address the following:
Introduce the topic, and state one opinion you have about a problem within your selected topic.
Provide two examples of research that support your opinion within this topic area.
Explain how your position is evidence-based and not pseudoscience.
Explain areas of past and current research that have been done in this topic area, and elaborate on future areas that may expand the field in a meaningful way.
Provide a solution for one of the ongoing problems in this area.
Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides, not including title or reference slides. Include a minimum of two graphics to support your content. Graphics should be used to enhance written content, not replace written content. Support conclusions in your presentation by applying knowledge from the textbook and other credible sources. Use a minimum of three sources to support your presentation.