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Analyze the text Culturally Responsive Teaching in 3 pages (1 inch space/single space). 1) Explain in detail what Culturally Responsive Teaching is; 2) the role of preparing teachers to be culturally responsive; 3) Effective teaching is culturally responsive; 4)Teacher caring and community building; 5)Teacher cultivating cross cultural communication; 6) Considering cultural diversity when designing instruction; and 7) teachers creating an equitable classroom climate. 8) How do the ideas in this text remind you of another text (story, book, movie, song, etc)? 9) How do the ideas in this text relate to your own life, ideas, and experiences? 10) How do the ideas in this text reading relate to the larger worldpast, present and future. The assignment is 3 pages in length(1 inch space/single space). I want to see your creativity in this assignment. Please put in more effort in this assignment.