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Critically analyse a hospitality related design project Report Content:Working individually, you will research about an existing project. The requirements for the choice will be:
a) Choosing an existing Hotel (no matter which type: economy, mid-priced, upscale or luxury). Would be good to focus on Boutique Hotels as seen in the lectures.
b) It must be a contemporary building, as in built post 2000.
c) It must be an urban location. Remember all the cities that appear in the lectures (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo,…) Of course, it could be another city, as long as the building / project matches the requirements.
d) It must be design by well-known architect/s. Thats absolutely necessary; otherwise you will not find proper drawings or plans. The aim of the report is to analyze the project through plans and drawings looking at:
a) Location. Where is located (showing a proper location plan)
b) Programme. Use and function of the building (good mixed programme means more visitors of different kinds)
c) How it contributes to the urban environment, in terms of activating a street or a square, how it has brought new visitors (local or foreign) to the city.
d) How is it planned internally? Identify public and private areas; what percentage of the plan is open to the public, what views of the city it can offer, etc
e) How is it designed internally? Identify the design style and how does it contribute to the Brand Standards and clients satisfaction.