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Heading: Outpatient Psychiatric Services
1. Explain rationale for providing outpatient appointments for discharged patients to return as outpatients
for medication checks. See Boyd & Luebbert, Chapter 5, pp. 46-49. You may want to note need for
outpatient medication check appointments as they are typically scheduled to assess how well patient is
managing medication side effects and adverse side effects as described in Boyd & Luebbert, Chapter 12.
(write minimum one paragraph)
2. Discuss role of the psychiatric nurse in outpatient care. See Boyd & Luebbert, Chapter 5, p. 51. (write
minimum one paragraph)
See: Rishe, J., and Huizen., J. (2020). What to know about psychiatric nurses. Medical News Today.
Psychiatric nurse: What they are, how they can help, and more (medicalnewstoday.com)
Heading: Psychiatric Emergency/Crisis Services