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All papers are to have a professional appearance. They are to be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Papers should be about 800 words long (3 pages), this does not include the title page or reference page. You do not need to include an abstract. You must use the equivalent of 2 journal articles (Peer Reviewed). Most articles in the popular press count as less than 1 source. Use your school library online databases to search for article. Keep in mind that internet searches do not provide peer reviewed articles. Cite your sources using APA style.
Begin by introducing the topic, explaining why it is a controversy or interest to you and its relevance to human development. Include relevant background information from the textbook.
Explain the different points of view in the controversy and the relevant evidence. For example, if one side argues that people are influenced by experiences they had before the age of 3, what experiments demonstrate that such memory exists? What experiments demonstrate that such memories have lingering influence?
Summarize the points of view. If you have formed a conclusion of your own, state it and state how you came to your conclusion. If you have not formed a conclusion of your own, say why not. Do you need more information? If so, what questions remain in your mind?