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Explain the importance of reconciliation to Western Canada. 

This assignment focuses on material from Modules 7 to 10.  Select one topic from the choices provided.  NOTE: one topic is focused on Module 10 and will require you reading that module earlier than noted on the course syllabus – should you chose that topic.

As usual, your answer  should be a minimum of 1000-1200 words in length. All sources must be cited using a standard method (e.g., APA, Chicago, etc.). Graphs, tables, and maps can be used to help explain your answer. For each question you are expected to use AT LEAST three sources of information in addition to the text.  NOTE:  answering the Territorial North question will require you reading Module 10 earlier than identified in the schedule in the course syllabus. Select ONE topic from the choices below:

Explain the importance of reconciliation to Western Canada.  Your answer will need to consider important events and characteristics including the significant Indigenous population of Western Canada, the history of immigrant settlement in the region, the Treaty Era and Residential schools history, and other important events as examples. 

Bone has stated that: In Friedmann’s regional scheme of the core/periphery model, the Territorial North would be described as a resource frontier".  Explain why the region is considered a resource frontier and identify and describe the economic, social, and environmental challenges influencing this region. Your answer will also need to include a discussion on the increasing importance of Indigenous government within the region.   Atlantic Canada has transitioned in recent decades from a “Downward Transitional” region to a “Slow Growing” region. Do you think this will continue or will Atlantic Canada stagnate?

Explain your reasoning.   NOTE:  using examples from fishing, mining, and other resource developments (or declines) will help you answer this question. Using some of British Columbia’s physical and historical geography characteristics and events, explain the role of British Columbia’s social and economic position within Canada.  Topics you might include in your answer include reliance on the forest industry, the influence of the US markets, the position relative to the Pacific Rim markets, the role of Indigenous peoples, etc.