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You are a Human Resources Manager at Fly Eagles Fly, Inc., a company that makes custom sports jerseys for domesticated parrots.

Draft a 1 page memo to the CEO of the company addressing the following:

1. Describe a discrimination issue facing your workplace (you can focus on discrimination based on race, religion, ability, national origin, age, sex, etc.)

2. Propose a training session to address the problem. Be sure to detail:

Explain the purpose (routine/annual training, training conducted in response to a violation, etc.) and audience (executive leadership team, hiring managers, low-level managers, employees/staff, etc.) for the training

Include a description of the training

Include anticipated costs (including time away from work, etc.) and benefits (to the company, individual, etc.) of the training

Some sample memos can be found here: http://www.bizdocx.com/personnel-issues/trainings/trainings/#tabs-895-0-1

**APA format is not required for this assignment but you MUST include citations for any resources references that you anticipate using in the training. **


discrimination issues affecting the workplace:

Discrimination issues in the workplace can significantly impact employees, their well-being, and the overall work environment. These issues arise when individuals are treated unfairly or unfavorably based on certain protected characteristics, such as race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. It is important to address and mitigate these issues to foster a healthy and inclusive workplace.

  1. Racial Discrimination: One prevalent form of workplace discrimination is racial discrimination. Employees may face prejudice, bias, or unequal treatment based on their race or ethnicity. This can manifest through differential opportunities, biased decision-making, or racial harassment, creating a hostile work environment.
  2. Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination refers to unequal treatment based on one’s gender or sex. This can include pay disparities, limited career advancement opportunities, or workplace harassment, such as sexual harassment. Stereotypes and biases may contribute to the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender identity.
  3. Age Discrimination: Age discrimination occurs when individuals are treated unfavorably due to their age, typically targeting older workers. This can involve exclusion from opportunities, promotions, or training, as well as unfair layoffs or retirement practices.
  4. Disability Discrimination: Employees with disabilities may face discrimination in the workplace. This can include inadequate accommodations, inaccessible facilities, exclusion from job opportunities, or unjust treatment due to their disabilities.
  5. Religious Discrimination: Discrimination based on religion involves treating individuals unfavorably because of their religious beliefs, practices, or attire. It can manifest through exclusion, denial of religious accommodations, or creating a hostile environment for individuals practicing different religions.
  6. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination: LGBTQ+ employees may experience discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. This can involve bias, prejudice, or unequal treatment, leading to a hostile work environment or limitations on career progression.


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