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General Instructions: I present below a list of three problems for your first position paper. You must select any one of them and offer a solution to the problem. Note that the paper has three main parts an explanation of the problem, the solution, and a skeptic rebuttal. Assuming approx. 300 words for each part, the total thing should be around 900-1000 words long. As for the writing style, you must seriously engage with the material that we have covered in class from Chap 1-4 as well as the Rashomon case. You are of course free to offer your own examples and analyses. Citations etc. can be in any style that you please APA, MLA whatever.
Explain the Rashomon story and what it establishes. Can the Rashomon effect be dissolved by appealing to some kind of a causal reliability account (e.g., forensic evidence etc.)? See pp. 64-65 on what causal reliability is. Will that satisfy the skeptic? Or might the Rashomon effect still persist?