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Learning more about the origins of legislative agencies will help you understand their purpose and shed light on what makes them a unique part of our American government.
For this paper you will explain the functions of legislative agencies, describe an agency of interest, and describe the rulemaking procedures a public administrator for the agency follows.
Using the AZ Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, choose an agency you have a personal interest in or are curious about. Then, write a 45 page paper that fully responds to each of the items below and provides both a clear and thorough response to each:
Explain what a legislative agency is. What are its functions?
Clearly identify an agency of interest to you. When was your agency created? What is its purpose? Provide detailed information in both responses.
Identify at least two strengths and two weaknesses of your chosen agency. Be sure to provide examples of the identified strengths and weaknesses. You should provide at least one example for each strength and each weakness identified.
Briefly outline the rulemaking process and procedures for your agency.
In your opinion, has this agency been successful at accomplishing its mission? Why or why not? Provide evidence to support your opinion.