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One of the Chicano newspapers or magazines described by Tatum or by Prof. Espinoza in the course Canvas pages or in the content on the course tumblr blog
In your answer, make sure to include the proper title of the newspaper or magazine, when and were it was published (e.g. years and city, town or region), and what its contents or news stories were like.
2. Explain what consumerism is (i.e. the full explanation, not just the quick definition), and answer the following question:
According to Arlene Dvila, what is the conundrum or contradiction in how Latinas/os are perceived in the U.S. mass media with regards to immigrant stereotypes and the so-called Hispanic market?
3. Based on what you have learned from Charles Tatum, class lectures & discussions, and the lecture notes, describe two print media examples that illustrate the differences between the content of
a consumer-based magazine for American or Chicanx/Latinx people
a zine or news magazine that includes news stories, editorials, poetry, and prose created by Chicanx & Latinx artists
You can also find examples of zines and Chicano news magazines on the course Canvas pages and Tumblr blog, but they must be different from your example for question 1.
If you want to make the class curve, make sure you surpass the required word count (which means, make sure you explain your answers properly without rushing), and include an introduction and conclusion with your three essay paragraphs (i.e. the basic essay structure).
See the rubric below for more explanation of the grading for discussion forums