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Early Childhood professionals have the ultimate responsibility to always ensure a
safe, healthy learning environment for all children within their care. The NAEYC
Code of Ethical Conduct is a guiding framework that needs to be followed daily,
particularly when ethical issues arise. It defines professional relationships and
responsibilities with children, families, colleagues, and community and society.
The Statement of Commitment is a professional and personal agreement to
uphold and further the values of early childhood education.
This assignment will familiarize you with the Statement of Commitment. Think
about how every adult should uphold these commitments. Imagine how you could
display a poster with the statement in your classroom, office, hallway, on a
bulletin board even in your own home as a reminder of these essential
behaviors. For this two-part assignment, you will make a poster that could be
shared with families and co-workers. And you will be writing a one-page reflection
on the assignments.
Read and reflect on the NAEYC Statement of Commitment.
Create your poster. You can be creative in how you use it. Use media such as
paint, markers, collage, etc., to enhance your creation.
o Note: The Statement of Commitment is the property of NAEYC. In creating
your poster, you must include the entire document as presented and
include the NAEYC copyright as shown on the template.
Display your poster in your home, classroom, or office.
Take a photograph of your poster showing it displayed.
In your own words, write a short essay addressing the following:
o Explain what the Statement of Commitment means to you.
o Describe why it benefits children, families, and educators.