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How to get started:

Review the assignment and expectations
Make sure FTK and Imager (the versions that are posted ) or Autopsy (https://www.sleuthkit.org/autopsy/) are installed
Download project image and hash values from zip file both attached
Open the image with FTK Imager verify it to make sure the hash values match what was given
Open the image in FTK/Autopsy to start your analysis
Document each step!!
Hints/reminders for the project:

Your report should document each step in your analysis and explain what you did, what you found, how, where, what the technical aspects mean
Dont interpret the file content that is out of the scope of your job!
You cant say a specific person did something make sure you differentiate between PEOPLE and USERNAMES
Stick to the facts
Write in first person
Include LOTS of screenshots but these go in the appendix, not the body of your report!
Dont forget to include the basics in your report who are you? Your authority? What case is this? Background?