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The attached cartoon illustrates the social system in France in 1789. We discussed it in class. Using the reading in the textbook about the French Revolution, the video lectures, and the class discussion of September 28 (it was recorded and can be found in the video section of the Blackboard page) explain in an essay format who the four figures represent (make sure you identify each one), why are pictured in this way and how does this explain the social system (how society is arranged) in France under the Old Regime. Explain who each of the three figures that are on the top represent. Who is represented on the bottom? Why? Then explain if the French Revolution changes anything represented in this cartoon (hint – does the king have absolute power anymore? Are there any Estates anymore? Is there legal equality?

textbook is from
Traditions & Encounters, Volume II: A Global Perspective On The Past: From 1500 To The Present by bentley