• Step 1: -Explain your methodological approach. You state the research problem you have. Basically, what

problem is your Senior Project addressing? Or, in other words, how is your Senior Project accomplishing

something? State the problem and then describe what type of Data you accumulated to solve the

problem. Now, in my case, everything I have is qualitative data, so the video example of a statistical t-chart

involving quantitative data didn’t help me. Here I state directly the research problem I’m investigating in detail

and how I need qualitative data to investigate it.

  • Step 2: Describe methods of data collection.  In my case, I state here how I used qualitative research methods.

Basically, describe the data collection methods you used. I did a lot of research comparing production

methods and software companies. How does this translate into qualitative data collection? Here I’m trying to

explain this.

  • Step 3: Describe  your methods of analysis. In my case, I am separating the data I collected into three separate

categories for analysis because my senior project deals with a system based on three separate parts. You need

to somehow show how you separate, compartmentalize, or whatnot, the data collected in your certain

problem or research for review. There is some overlap here with the literature review because in the literature

review everything is separated into different topics also. However, in the literature review, you are just

restating other people’s ideas by topic. Here you are showing how you compared things (possibly similar

things), but now using a methodology.

  • Step 4: Evaluate and  justify your methodological choices. Here I explain why I used the qualitative methods

and why I separated things as I did, and why my choices were justified. Basically, I’m trying to explain here

why I’m using certain companies’ software systems and certain production methods in my project system

rather than competitors. Then I’m also trying to explain why I’m not being entirely subjective in my qualitative