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The project is planning a retirement party for a coworker
Paper details:
For this assignment, complete the following in the Spreadsheet template:
In the provided spreadsheet template, you will find three tabs along the bottom of the screen. Read through the Instructions tab and the Sample tab.
In the Blank Template Fill This In tab, complete the following:
Outline a plausible list of tasks needed to complete your chosen project.
Estimate plausible timelines for each task or group of tasks.
If you need guidance working in Excel, refer back to the Excel training link in the Week 4 activity.
Then, in a Word document titled, Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale, write a paper:
Use the following headers in your paper:
Part 1: Overview of the Project (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page)
Summary of Goals and Objectives
Summary of Resources and Budget
Part 2: Explanation of Tasks and Timeline (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 2 pages)
Descriiption of all Tasks
Descriiption of Timeline
Explanation of Method(s) Used to Determine Dates (Note: use concepts from the textbook to support your rationale in this section)
Part 3: Risk Factors and Mitigation (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page)
Potential Risks and Mitigation
Include and highlight in your paper the following ten key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context:
Choose any key term from chapters 1 through 4
Estimates, top-down estimating, and bottom-down estimating from chapter 5
Activity from chapter 6
Risks from chapter 7
Resources and constraints from chapter 8
Project duration and project scope from chapter 9