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Factors which influence the use of CRP & CRT
Paper details:
I need revisions on chapter 4 the qualitative section to ensure it triangulates with the analysis from the quantitative section. Please read all of the comments from both papers from the professor and this remarks to see if you can fix this. I do not have the transcripts from the interviews.
The quall and triangulation needs some work. In the quall, I’d like for you to consider your representation of coding in more detail. You originally had frequency and sources with varying numbers and recently changed to be 12/12 in all cases. I appreciate you addressing that issue in your most recent draft as I requested but I’m not even more confused. What were these numbers before? I’d like to review your coding with you to help find a way to display your results more effectively and in a way that doesn’t undermine the integrity of your analysis/work. Creating a two-way table with your coding schemes and quantitative results can also help you answer your research question 2 (qualitative research question), which I would argue really hasn’t been answered. Your coding schemes don’t even connect back to your RQ theme.
I do not know how many pages need to be revised I would say maybe 4-5 pages. I do not know how to attached the paper with the comments for you to see. Email me back and I will attach the actually paper.