Family and marriage therapist
Paper details:
Title Page (1st page)
This indicates what the research was about. The title should be informative but brief, and it should be centered in the middle of the first page, with the first letter of each major word capitalized. The title should be in bold font. Four single spaces below the title should be your name, under this should be Department of Psychology, Walden University, then course number and title of course separated by a colon (ie. Department of Psychology, Walden University). Following this should be Instructor name and date of submission written out with no slashes (ie. March 3, 2020).
Abstract (2nd page)
This may be the first abstract you have ever written, so do your best. The abstract should be a short, clear summary of the whole paper. It should be about 150 words and must summarize the sections of the paper The heading for the Abstract should be centered and in bold font. The body of the Abstract should be one paragraph, justified to the left margin. The easiest way to write an abstract is to write it last. For more tips on abstracts, review the Writing Center’s webpage guide to abstract-writing.
Body of Paper
Label each section, providing headings with the titles from each weeks Assignment. Do not put a page break in between each section.
At the end of your paper, you must write a complete References section, in APA style, that gives the full reference for each of the resources cited in the main text of your work. Always begin the References section on a new page. The general formatting guidelines for the reference list are as follows: – The heading for the References page should be centered and in bold font- Alphabetical order (by author surname)- No bullet points and no numbers- Double spacing- Each reference aligned with left margin, the first line typed flush with the left margin, and any additional lines indented as a group a few spaces to the right of the left margin (i.e., a hanging indent)